Jesús Gutiérrez

Jesús Gutiérrez writes and plays his own music. He collaborates on a regular basis with artists from different areas. He has worked with the choreographer, Michelle Man, on the music and dance show Pagoda, which premiered at the Teatro Calderón dance hall (Madrid). He has taken part in improvisation workshops for contemporary dance as the accompanying guitarist with Jaime Urciuoli at the Karen Taft School and with Michelle Man at the Estudio 3 centre (Madrid). In the town of Ávila, he accompanied Daphne Mavis Coward in her classical ballet sessions and choreographies.

In the audio-visual field, Jesús Gutiérrez has composed the soundtrack for the feature film Pagoda, written by Berta Alonso, whom he accompanied when it was shown at the Málaga Film Festival in 2010. He has created music for the art-video piece titled El sueño de Chejov (Chekhov’s Dream) and for the documentary Papeles Quemados (Burnt Papers), which looks at the work of the painter Christian Hugo Martín. He also takes part as musician in the workshops titled Filmando la danza (Filming Dance) by Jaime Urciuoli, the producer Nadia Navarro and the photographer Luis Bellido. He has worked with them on the filming of the dance-video titled La espera (The Wait), contributing with his own piece Corrientes (Currents).

He teaches Spanish guitar and electric bass at the Municipal Music School of Ávila.

His professional studies include classical guitar at the Tomás Luis de Victoria Conservatoire (Ávila), taught by Salvador Gómez Tejeda, and harmony and composition, taught by Antonio Bernaldo de Quirós. He graduated from the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (Royal Higher Conservatoire of Music of Madrid), where he completed his studies in guitar and teaching under the Jorge Ariza chair. He has completed courses on interpreting, composition, teaching music and chamber music with outstanding figures such as Leo Brower, Luis de Pablo, David Russell, Violeta Hemsi de Gainza, José Luis Rodrigo, Joaquín Clerch, Ricardo Gallén, Marco Socias, Alex Garrobe, Zoran Dukic, Antonio Domínguez, Hugo Geller, Eduardo Isaac and Pedro Mateo González. He was invited to the Keszthely Chamber Music festival (Hungary) by the pianists Marta Gullas and Luis Fernando Pérez.

He continued his studies in modern harmony and jazz guitar with Santiago de la Muela, Chema Vílchez, Javier García, Chema Sainz and Antonio Bravo.

Jesús Gutiérrez has been a member of different music groups, playing rock, jazz, ethnic music and ancient music.

In 2011, during the 16th Áureo Herrero Season of Concerts, his piece for two guitars, Madrid, dedicated to the duo Artepulsado, was played in public for the first time by the duo itself.

On 8 June 2012, he presented his album Pagoda at the San Francisco Auditorium (Ávila), organised by the Territorial Department of Culture of Junta de Castilla y León (regional government). The album was also presented in Madrid at Escuela Taller de Guitarra Española Glissando and, in Malaga, at Teatro La Cochera Cabaret.

He is currently working with the Iranian musician, Kaveh Sarvarian, on the composition of pieces for ney, flute and guitar.

He is also writing a score for a play and has been commissioned to create the music for a contemporary dance project.