"More than contemporary, his guitar is sincere"

Jesús Gutiérrez composes by observing and listening to movement. He draws inspiration for his sounds from the interior and physical dynamics of urban surroundings, light and human beings.

Free of all vanity, Jesús Gutiérrez stands out from the classic model of concert guitarist. As a soloist, he presents his work, communicates with his audience, has a presence on stage and a way of relating to his guitar enlightened by a personality that is free and visceral.

Another important factor is his interest in how and where different art forms come together.

Jesús Gutiérrez turns literature, film and audio-visual into music. He creates emotional atmospheres for each character, for each stage of the plot, for each subtlety and mood, for the rich process that takes us from a beginning to an end.

And dance. How can it be separated from a guitar? In recent years, this composer/guitarist has worked with the following choreographers: Jaime Urciuoli, Michelle Man and Daphne Mavis Coward. The connection between guitar and dancer is not exclusive to flamenco. Avoiding clichés and tradition, Jesús Gutiérrez stages a show of great purity to reveal the profound bond between guitar and contemporary dance.

Explaining the music is only the beginning. Words need defining. The Manouche jazz musician, Juan Pedro Jiménez, had this to say about Jesús Gutiérrez's work: “more than contemporary, his guitar is sincere".

Berta Alonso

Siebzehn Original-Kompositionen die einen persönlichen Weg im Panorama der spanischen zeitgenössischen Gitarre darstellen.